Essential Question Reflection

Consider the essential question: How do we willingly accept the ideology around us? How effective is O’Brian is persuading Winston to accept the ideology of the Party? What specific techniques does he use? Do you think that Winston will eventually wholly accept the Party’s ideology? Why or why not? 



  1. mariaprado

    O’Brien persuades Winston to accept the ideology of the party because he is afraid of the harsh consequences that it will bring him. Also not obeying their ideology means that tension will be created with the people involved externally, as its not only Winston and Julia who know about their purposes with the party. The techniques they use to avoid accepting the ideology of the party is by having to hide themselves constantly and be exposed to a situation of danger. I believe that Winston will not eventually wholly accept the Party’s ideology because his love for Julia exceeds the pain that he feels when tortured. His biggest fear is betraying Julia and so he does not care and is willing to remain silent for her, having to resist the pain. Winston, I feel like, is very in control of the whole situation and is powerful enough to not give up.

  2. Yaara Docrat

    We willingly accept the ideology around us by choosing to consider, ponder, and debate these ideologies. If we at least formulate and opinion on the ideologies around us we are choosing to accept their existence. O’Brien is persuading Winston to accept the ideology of the Party. He is very effective in doing so. He demonstrates the way with with power can be used to manipulate people. O’Brien inflicts so much pain upon Winston to the point where Winston gives into anything O’Brien wants him to believe is true in order to stop the pain. O’Brien holds up five fingers, though Winston knows that there are only four fingers being held up, he agrees with O’Brien. Through Winston’s desperation he begins to love O’Brien, because only he is capable to stop the pain; Winston convinces himself that O’Brien isn’t the source of the pain. O’Brien tells Winston that Winston’s current outlook is insane, but that torture will cure him, and slowly Winston believes it. This allows me to infer that by the end of the novel, Winston will wholly accept the Party’s ideology and will be brainwashed once more.

  3. JP Fagan

    We accept the ideology around us because that’s how society carries on. We are too afraid to be seen or heard of questioning what others may think is right. We conform with those around us just to feel accepted. O’Brian persuades Winston by putting him through extreme torture. Putting him through this torture has Winston question his actions, by questioning his actions he doubts what he has done. By enforcing these torture techniques, Winston regrets what he has done and will eventually accept the way of the Party. Winston may accept the Party’s ideology because the pain from the torture will eventually be too much to handle. Once the torture gets too much to bare Winston will be “brainwashed” and continue as he did before he committed thought crime.

  4. Evan

    Us as humans accept the ideology around us because that is how society is , some people are afraid to speak and say what is right and question them what so ever. In society now everyone conforms to one another because they don’t want to be the one that stands out in the crowd and that is the only non-conformer. People do this so that they wont be judged and so they are not picked out to be the one that has to be different. In some societies its good to be the non-conformer but in some other societies conforming is the only choice you have and its part of the law . O’Brian gets Winston to accept the Ideology of the party by mentally and physically breaking him down to a point where he can no longer be pushed, no matter how strong his love for Julia is . O’Brian had embedded in Winston’s mind that the only way he could not feel pain was if he could give in and accept that O’Brian is the source of pain Winston does feel bad about his actions and being pushed to the limit and betraying Julia, but he will soon fully accept the ideology of the party . This shows that Winston can be pushed to the limit and then he will give in to the trickery, which shows that he can be controlled and can be tricked and played with and his mind can be manipulated .

  5. Mohannad Shaheen

    People accept the ideologies around us since that is what the majority thinks is correct so the rest of the people just go along with it because they are too afraid to be different than the others. O’Brien’s persuading of Winston to accept the ideology of the party is very effective since in the end he does accept it. O’Brien managed to persuade Winston by only torturing him until he is sick of the pain. Winston eventually does accept the Party’s ideology because O’Brien tortured Winston so much that he even started begging O’Brien to stop due to the pain he was enduring.

  6. ziadt

    I do not believe we accept the ideologies around us, but rather the legal laws that the government imposes on the people of the nation. I believe we choose to accept our own choices and ideas; they are not forced upon us. O’Brien is very successful in changing Winston’s ideology of the party, he changes Winston to the point that Winston will not turn back against the party again. O’Brien is able to control Winston’s mind and make him fearful of nothing but the Party, make him believe in Big Brother as a superior to all the people of Oceania, and destroy what Winston has though to be true for years. O’Brien knows very well the fear of the person he is interrogating, and in this case, Winston is fearful of rats and will believe anything to prevent the rats ravaging his face. Winston eventually wholly accepts the Party as he knows that he no longer has a choice, he has been forced by the means of torture, pain, and fear.

  7. kristianavldaa

    We willingly accept the ideology around us because us as individuals are too afraid to stand out and speak our own mind because we lack confidence and we don’t want to be unique in a sense that we will be judged by our own ideas. What O’Brian does to Winston is quite effective towards him because he is being tortured with his biggest fear in a sense that he will willingly accept the party eventually, and towards the end of the book I personally think he will finally regret what he has done with Julia even though he was unconditionally in love with her and, he will most probably be completely brainwashed because he will start to accept the party and their ways of thinking. Winston is a strong character in the novel but what O’Brian is doing is making him become weak and that shows that he is generally a weak character when it comes to being tortured in a sense where he has to accept what he has done and look up to the highest authority in a positive way.

  8. siddhantrdaa

    We expect the same people who exploit us economically, politically, socially, and culturally to teach us how to view the world. Whether it is through socialized education, or the corporate propaganda that we let into our minds every morning, noon, and night through the news. We do not often question the ideologies or beliefs that we live by in our day to day lives as they have become a natural and a common sense things to do. This effectively dissuades people from rebelling against those beliefs, and keeps a sense of stability in society. O’Brien is also very effective in persuading Winston to accept the ideology of the Party. However, since Winston is already at the state of rebelling and opposing the ‘norm’ view of society, OB approaches it with a different method and technique. O’Brien attempts to test Winston’s endurance, and see how strong poor Winston can keep his mind right and think for himself. He goes as far as to use Winston’s only fear (of rats) and for this reason, I presume that he breaks down and wholly accepts the Party’s Ideology.

  9. fabyanblomme

    To accept the ideology around us we have to believe in it, accept that that is the way it is and you can’t do anything to change it. O’Brian’s methods of getting Winston to accept the ideology is very successful because Winston is telling him everything and believing whatever he tells him. O’Brian’s specific method was to us the rats against him, telling him that they would eat him alive. I think that he will eventually accept the party because after that much time being tortured, and brain washed it is likely that he will in the end accept everything, especially after telling O’Brien to “do it to Julia and not me” with the rats was the point where the party took complete control over him.

  10. zacbeardsley

    Accepting the ideology around us consists of a few key components. To start we have to, as individuals, have a lack of enthusiasm for individual thought and an understanding of the social settings we are currently in. In the example of a country of residence, a citizen has to willingly accept local customs and social norms because they know that certain laws and behavioral restrictions are established for a reason and there is no way to alter them. However, in the case of the novel, because Winston was such an avid individualist, O’Brien saw this as a threat and therefore, given the government that they lived in, had no choice but to either kill him or brainwash him and reshape him as a new human being completely. The reason for this being that the way the government holds power over their people in the novel 1984, is by simply making the general population believe that they would not be able to thrive on their own without the guidance of Big Brother and the government, and for the most part this is true. Given the general living situation of the proles and middle class, their education is filtered and limited so that if they were to leave and attempt to live on their own, they would not have any understanding of worldwide cultural understanding and general education. With this being said, quite frankly, the general population is ALSO lead to believe that their current living situations are picture perfect or “utopian” even though they clearly are quite the opposite. Winston becomes so mentally and physically damaged through the various forms of torture he goes through that it’s surprising enough he remains mentally stable and mentally healthy to be exact. Given the complete mental metamorphosis he goes through to become this “brainwashed” person that the book ends up depicting him as, it’s just surprising that he hasn’t gone either mentally insane or developed some mental disability or damage. On a level of personality, it’s quite clear that Winston has become a different person as he states that the only true betrayal would be if the Party could make him stop loving Julia, and as we learn, he does just this by begging O’Brien to let the rats eat her face instead of his. This leads me to infer that if such a dramatic change of perspective could be undertaken by Winston, then it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that he would inevitably fully accept the party’s ideals.

  11. marlettei

    All of us almost accept the ideology around us, we can’t actually live somewhere and don’t believe in what is said, like being the only one who is against one law. Although everyone has his own beliefs, we must accept the ideology of the place we live in to have a place in the society. O’Brian knows the only fear (rats) of Winston, and he used it so that Winston will accept the ideology of the Party. Before that, he tortured him, but Winston didn’t say a thing about what O’Brian wanted to hear, if he loves Big Brother now. Using rats was the only way he could reach his goal, and Winston was so afraid that he directly betrayed Julia ,when O’Brian put the rat closer. Winston will accept the Party’s ideology because he knows if he don’t in it he will be tortured again or be killed.

  12. aliedaa

    I believe that it is possibly to accept the most extreme of ideologies if said ideologies are falsely presented in a manner that is appealing, if those around us support the ideology, and if fear is a tool in the integration and permanence of the ideology. This view can be proven with the example of the party in 1984. The system of beliefs that the party enforces is followed due to the statistics and “facts” that the party produces in regards to the success of the ideology, the willingness of the society in accepting the ideology, and as a result of fear being utilised as an instrument of incentive in accepting the parties system of beliefs. O’Brian promotes fear and suffering in Winston to make him accept the parties ideology. As an example, O’Brian leads Winston to deny his senses through the use of torture when he asks Winston to state the incorrect answer of how many fingers he is holding up, while beating and torturing him. I believe that Winston will inevitably accept the Parties ideology entirely, due to the natural human response to give in to extreme suffering, and the realistic nature in which the novel is written in.

  13. Andre Cadiz

    Human beings willingly accept what we are told because of mass belief and education. By being given a logical explanation a person is likely to willingly accept the reason for why something is. Also, ideas which are also believed and supported by the masses are much more likely to be followed. O’Brien inflicts pain heavily upon Winston, in order to persuade Winston to change his beliefs and accept the ideals of The Party. O’Brien is effective in this in that he breaks Winston down physically (through depriving him of food and water) which eventually leads to the decay of Winston’s mental stability. Also, the unknowing of where his only love, Julia is and what has/is happening to her also serves as a great sense of torture in itself. I believe that Winston will say that he accepts the ideals of The Party in order for the pain to end but I am uncertain whether he will grow to actually believe it.

  14. Omar Hekal

    Winston is going through a various set of emotions, he was betrayed by O’Brien, he himself betrayed julia, he was getting tortured intensely in room 101 by O’Brien; he was surrounded by 4 telescreens and they tortured him in various ways some od them being the rats and the savage beatings. I think he will eventually give in to what O’Brien is telling him. I think he will do so because the torture is too intense and O’Brien knows how to break him down and eventually, i think it will happen.

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